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The information in this “Provider Toolkit” is designed to supplement your current knowledge on MS. We have included basic information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment; information on MS challenges and epidemiology; additional reading; and links to MS and neurological societies.

This information is for reference purposes only and clinicians should not make medical decisions based solely on this site. Med Learning Group assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements on this website, and any unauthorized distribution, dissemination, or copying of information on this site is prohibited.


MS affects roughly 2.5 million adults worldwide and 400,000 in the US.


The treatment goals of disease-modifying therapy for MS are multi-fold.

Challenges in MS Management

MS is often undiagnosed; the CDC does not require physicians to report new cases, and the symptoms of the disease can go unrecognized for some time.

Diagnosis and Symptoms

At this time, there is no single diagnostic test that confirms multiple sclerosis.

Additional Reading and Resources

Additional reading and resources about multiple sclerosis for providers.